Welcome to the newest in technology from Oceanco (14-01)


The Moray Laser is the newest product in our line-up of outstanding products for the advanced and professional scuba diver   Click here to see more information about using green lasers to make your dive more productive and safer.

 The PowerBeacon  is the largest, brightest and most versatile hand held, solid state beacon made, with unusual features found nowhere else.

For: Police, Fire Rescue, Military, SCUBA Divers, Boaters, Bikers and anyone else who ventures into dark areas that may require a bright signal for directions or rescue.

It will flash, it will glow, it will throw a beam, it can be used as a flashlight to protect night vision. It comes in various colors.

Hold it in your hand,  hang it on your gear, suspend it from your boat

wave it in the air  stand it on the bottom  hang it on your anchor line  direct traffic  rally your group  attract rescuers mark your opening in the ice  locate your hanging tanks mark your exit location  use it as a flashlight  disassemble it underwater


 Air Buddy -The Ultimate Alternate

 Introducing the safest and smallest alternate air source for SCUBA divers, 

 It has also been featured and or used in various of the Sea Worlds, the CirqueDuSoleil water show, the US Free Diving Team, the movie "The Poseidon Adventure",  National Geographic photographers, The Weeki Wachee Springs mermaid show and many other places . 

 Turtle Shell Case, the best waterproof, air tight, odor proof, designed to safeguard all valuables. Sized to fit on an airline's overhead compartment.

For travel or security in your home. 

 Double Light Signal 

The only signal stick allowing the diver to select one of two different colors to use, flashing or constant on, while under water, allowing a variety of signal possibilities.

 Storm Whistle    

When used with an Air Buddy, this is the loudest signal device a diver can carry. It can be heard by a boat up to a half mile away. It is also one of the least expensive.