Service and Upgrades

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Since the original model in 1999, the AB-911, which supplied enough air for a sport diver to get back up to the surface from sport diving depth, to the modern AB-2000 which supplies enough air for any scuba diver at any depth, no second stage regulator used as an alternate air source has even attempted to match the low maintenance trouble free record of the Air Buddy.  The AB-XL adds nitrox capability to the AB-2000 features.

The Air Buddy needs servicing at least once every 2 years if it has been cared for properly.  Proper care means little more than rinsing it in clean water after using it in salt water.  It should be stored in the same way you would store any other scuba regulator.

The servicing includes complete cleaning and replacement of any parts that are not in proper working condition.  For example, the valve seat will be replaced because time, ozone, heat and salt all work to deteriorate it. 

Service also includes upgrading the Air Buddy to the latest model, regardless of what model you send in, for the same price.

The only model currently being made is the AB-XL.


1. AB-911
This is the original model and will supply enough air to return to the surface from a maximum depth of 130 feet
with no additional stress involved. It was intended strictly for beginning divers who will not be encumbered by extra
equipment or in an area involving currents.
 2. AB-2000 This is the first high performance model and can be identified by the presence of a colored nylon ring around the exterior of the Air Buddy body.
3. AB-XL
This is the NITROX friendly, high performance model that will supply enough air to a maximum depth of 300 feet. It will also supply enough air to fill lift bags, blow whistles, and use as a utility air source. It will provide enough air to allow a diver to lift another diver or a big bag of lobsters or a heavy camera back to the surface.

  If you have the old model, you may continue to use it or you can send it to us for service and an upgrade


Air Buddy Service

Your returned Air Buddy  will be the latest top of the line model. Please do not include hoses when you mail your Air Buddy to us.  Contact us if you have any questions.

You will need to mail your Air Buddy to:

Sea Turtle Scuba, 18610 Sea Turtle Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33498.  Make sure your enclose your clearly printed or typed return name and address so we can link your Air Buddy with the payment that arrived.  If you prefer, you may mail a check with your Air Buddy instead of using this on-line procedure to pay.

It will take about 3 working days to put your rebuilt  Air Buddy back in the mail to you.