The Moray Laser is the best there is 

above and below the water 

Sea Turtle Scuba, Inc. has been producing green lasers for professional and sport divers for many years. Experience and suggestions from our customers have created a continuing line of new and improved models over the years. Incorporating the shape of the green moray's oversize head and fin into the design of the Moray Laser is what makes it brighter than others in the same power class.



We are proud to introduce the Moray Laser,  our newest model: The only underwater laser with all of these features.

  •  Up to 38 % brighter than other lasers in the same power class. (<5 mW IIIa is the most powerful laser now made for underwater use that is legal in the United States.
  • Can safely dive to 400 feet.
  • No screw on front or rear caps to leak.  Made from only 2 solid pieces of aircraft aluminum.
  • Can be operated even while wearing heavy dive gloves.
  • Largest laser mounting assembly of any in its class
  • Cooling fins around the laser head
  • Oversize aluminum laser module housing for additional cooling
  • Can be left on for entire dive without overheating 
  • Heavy duty wrist strap
  • Uses 2 inexpensive, easy to obtain AA penlight batteries


The ability to point and signal conveniently, day or night, is now provided by the green laser. It is fast becoming a necessary item in every diver's gear list. (The images on this page are simulated)



Ultimate signal device

The laser grabs your attention from any direction and directs you back to its source.

This is the only scuba signal device that will attract the attention of another diver silently and from any direction. All you need to do is point it in front of the other diver and he will see the light beam passing before him through the water. And the good news is, it works great in turbid water as well.

Because of the speed with which sound travels through the water an audible device does not tell your dive buddy which direction to look.

A hand held flasher doesn't do any good unless your dive buddy is looking in your direction.


The green laser will place a bright green dot on whatever your dive buddy happens to be (simulated image of laser) looking at. Or if he is in open water he will see the beam passing in front of him through the water.



It is extremely valuable for rescue signals

Need to signal the boat or even a plane. This green laser is so powerful it will put a bright green spot on an object a quarter to a half mile away.

We have received a report on a personal experience by a diver who discovered how important a green laser could be if you need to be found after losing connection with your dive boat.

You can read the report here.




Instructor pointer  The green laser gives an instructor a way to direct the attention of the entire class to the subject.











Nothing beats the green laser for pointing out dangerous marine life from a distance.  The geography cone (conus geographus) is capable of killing an adult diver.





Identify hard to see objects. The stone fish is one of the most difficult of all the dangerous marine life animals to see.  It actually looks like a stone or rock on the seabed, sometimes partially submerged in the sand.  The green laser makes it easy to point out to your fellow divers. You can make out the eye just below the end of the laser beam and the mouth a little further to the right.






Attract wildlife.  Just as a cat will follow a bright spot along the wall or floor, so will an otter or seal or many other kinds of mammals or fish follow this bright green spot. The bright green spot moving along the surface of a rock, a hard coral face or along the bottom attracts their attention the same as the light reflecting from the side of a delicious little fish with shiny scales. It's not even necessary to be interested in taking a picture to enjoy this feature of the green laser. It's great fun to watch a sea otter or seal chasing the green spot as you move the beam back and forth.



As a spear gun sight

Using supplies found in stores like Home Depot, divers mount the laser on their spear guns to obtain great accuracy.  It doesn't have to be pinpoint accurate like a competition rifle because the distance is much less. A couple of practice shots to see where the spear hits in relation to the green spot is all that it takes.





As a pointer above water

A superior pointer for tour guides and general use because its rugged waterproof toughness makes it all the more durable for all around use.

This leopard in the tree might not be seen by everyone in the group if not pointed out by the laser.