About our green lasers

    Sea Turtle Scuba, Inc. is known for producing only cutting edge products for serious SCUBA divers. That's what we've done with this new model laser, the  MORAY  It's the only one like it in the market.

Powerful lasers, because they can do various kinds of damage, are regulated by the FDA. The more powerful the laser, the more regulations there are. Lasers that generate more than 5 mW in power require certain safety devices on them, such as a key switch with a removable key and a working shutter to block the beam.
These safety devices would be immensely expensive to install on a hand-held laser that needed to be waterproof for the use of SCUBA divers.
For that reason, all of the waterproof lasers that we make for use by SCUBA divers in the United States are <5 mW in power. That little < sign indicates that the power will not exceed 5 mW. Therefore, our lasers are safe and legal to use in the USA without those add on features.
What makes our laser brighter than the other ones are the cooling fins you see around the laser housing. One problem with green lasers is they they lose brightness as they heat up. Those fins are there to prevent that. Your laser stays bright.
We have gone through a few development stages in our laser products. We have stayed with the color green because the human eye is most sensitive to that color and green is one of the colors that pass through water the most easily. That makes it the easiest color for a SCUBA diver to see.
Prior to 2007 our green SCUBA laser was 6 inches long and produced the legal limit of <5 mW. It used 3 AAA batteries.
In 2007, In response to suggestions from our customers, we came out with a new model that used 2 AA batteries. That gave a longer burn time without changing batteries. It was 7.5 inches long. It was a delicate piece of equipment. Customers suggested they would like one a bit more rugged.
We produced a smaller laser with a rechargeable battery for a lower price but were told by our customers they didn't want to depend on whether or not a battery was fully charged. They wanted to go back to the old reliable AA batteries that can be purchased easily anywhere in the world. Keeping a few extras on hand is no problem.
The most recent big change we made is to design a laser with only one opening that is ever  used. Every opening is a potential for a leak.  The same opening that is used for inserting the batteries is used for turning the laser on and off.  There is a very long tube overlap protected by double O-rings to protect that opening.  Some other lasers have an additional opening through which a push button works. The push button opening is the most common source of leaks.
That means the GREEN MORAY LASER can dive deeper than you can without fear of leaking. This is the only SCUBA laser made that makes that promise.

 Moray Laser Size 6 inches long
Output Power <5 mW (Class IIIa) Warranty 6 Months
Output Type Constant Wavelength 552 mm
Polarization Linear (50:1) Beam Dia. at Source 1.1 mm
Output Variance 10% after 20 min. Beam Divergence 1 mRad
Dimensions 6 in x 1.1 in Switch Twist tube(double O-ring seal)
Operating Lifetime circa 5,000 hrs Batteries 2- 1.5 V AA supplied
Range 13,000 feet Class IIIa
Waterproof to 400 feet Beam Color Green

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